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Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs führt der egozentrische General George S. Patton die 7. US-Armee in Tunesien gegen Rommels legendäres Afrika-Corps zum Sieg. Mit seiner neu formierten 3. Armee marschiert er danach an der Spitze seiner Truppen in. Patton – Rebell in Uniform (Originaltitel: Patton) ist ein US-amerikanischer Film des Regisseurs Franklin J. Schaffner aus dem Jahr Wie konnte ein Film, der diese Größe besitzt und der so fasziniert von seinem Thema ist, als Antikriegsfilm bezeichnet werden? Die schlichte Wahrheit ist, das er. Patton - Rebell in Uniform ein Film von Franklin J. Schaffner mit George C. Scott, Karl Malden. Inhaltsangabe: General George S. Patton (George C. Scott) ist ein. So z.B. der Film „Das Reich der Sonne“ (6 Nominierungen), der in Trebujena Bei den Dreharbeiten zu „Patton - Rebell in Uniform“ wurde eine Dreheinheit.

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So z.B. der Film „Das Reich der Sonne“ (6 Nominierungen), der in Trebujena Bei den Dreharbeiten zu „Patton - Rebell in Uniform“ wurde eine Dreheinheit. Patton. Franklin J. Schaffner (USA ). Von Nordafrika bis Europa erzählt der Film die Heldentaten und Eskapaden von General Patton, einer legendären. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Patton - Rebell in Uniform. Der egozentrische Panzergeneral George S. Patton besiegt mit seiner 7. US-Armee in. Filmspiegel-Newsletter Abonnieren. Franklin J. Fowler Besetzung George C. Verleiher. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Zum Trailer. Anmelden via Facebook. Scott in die Rolle des Generals und der Film beschäftigt sich in seiner epischen Länge von fast drei Here hauptsächlich gefГ¤hrliche brandung Pattons Leben und Wirken während des zweiten Weltkrieges. Schaffner mit George C. Gegen den Krieg, wo auch click, wird nicht plädiert. Gesprengte Ketten. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Patton - Rebell in Uniform. Der egozentrische Panzergeneral George S. Patton besiegt mit seiner 7. US-Armee in. Patton - Rebell in Uniform (Patton): Drama/Kriegsfilm/Biopic mit Karl Malden/Edward Binns/George C. Scott. Jetzt im Kino. Patton – Rebell in Uniform - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | Patton - Rebell in Uniform - Film, USA, - George C. Scott, Karl Malden - Regie: Franklin J. Shaffner - Handlung. Patton - Rebell in Uniform Dank der fantastischen Performance von George C. Scott in der Rolle des General Pattons (oscarprämiert), bietet der Film sowohl.

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Won 7 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: George C. General George S. Patton Jr. Karl Malden General Omar N.

Bradley Stephen Young Captain Chester B. Hansen Michael Strong Moroccan Minister Frank Latimore Captain Richard N. Jenson Karl Michael Vogler General Patton's Driver Pat Zurica Zurica James Edwards Colonel Gaston Bell David Bauer Lieutenant Gen.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia George C. Scott's infamous on-set behavior occurred during the filming of Patton, as told by actor Morgan Paull on his last interview Cult Film Freak : "George was insane, personally, and that's it.

I mean, people loved his acting and we loved working with him but after the third time he pulled a stunt with me, I said, 'Don't look at me again in a restaurant, just stay away.

But stay away from me socially. Patton during World War II. It stars George C. It was directed by Franklin J. Koenekamp and has a music score by Jerry Goldsmith.

Scott won Best Actor for his portrayal of General Patton, but declined to accept the award. Scott as General Patton with an enormous American flag behind him, remains an iconic and often quoted image in film.

The film was successful, [4] and in , Patton was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant".

The Academy Film Archive preserved Patton in Patton addresses an unseen audience of American troops to raise their morale, focusing in particular on the value placed on winning by American society.

Upon his arrival, he immediately starts enforcing discipline among his troops. Coningham promises Patton that he will see no more German aircraft — but seconds later the compound is strafed by them.

Patton is bitterly disappointed to learn that Erwin Rommel , commander of the German-Italian Panzer Army , was on medical leave, but Codman suggests that: "If you've defeated Rommel's plan, you've defeated Rommel.

After success in the North Africa campaign, Patton and Bernard Montgomery come up with competing plans for the Allied invasion of Sicily.

Patton's proposal to land his Seventh Army in the northwest of the island with Montgomery in the southeast therefore potentially trapping the German and Italian forces in a pincer movement initially impresses their superior General Alexander , but General Eisenhower rejects it in favor of Montgomery's more cautious plan, which places Patton's army in the southeast, covering Montgomery's flank.

While the landing is successful, the Allied forces become bogged down, causing Patton to defy orders and advance northwest to Palermo , and then to the port of Messina in the northeast, narrowly beating Montgomery to the prize, although several thousand German and Italian troops are able to flee the island.

Patton insists that his feud with Montgomery is due to the latter's determination to monopolize the war glory. However, Patton's actions do not sit well with his subordinates Bradley and Lucian Truscott.

While on a visit to a field hospital, Patton notices a shell-shocked soldier Tim Considine crying. Calling him a coward, Patton slaps the soldier and even threatens to shoot him, before demanding his immediate return to the front line.

By Eisenhower's order, Patton is relieved of command and required to apologize to the soldier, to others present, and to his entire command.

As a further punishment, he is also sidelined during the D-Day landings in , being placed in command of the decoy phantom First United States Army Group in southeast England — which also makes the decoy army more convincing, as German General Alfred Jodl is convinced that Patton will lead the invasion of Europe.

After Patton begs his former subordinate Bradley for a command before the war ends, Eisenhower places Patton under Bradley in command of the Third Army.

He performs brilliantly by rapidly advancing through France, but his tanks are brought to a standstill when they run out of fuel as, much to his fury, the supplies were allocated to Montgomery's bold Operation Market Garden.

Later, during the Battle of the Bulge , Patton brilliantly relieves the town of Bastogne and then smashes through the Siegfried Line and into Germany.

At a war drive in Knutsford , England, General Patton remarks lightly that the United States and the United Kingdom would dominate the post-war world, but this is viewed as an insult to the Soviet Union.

After Germany capitulates, Patton directly insults a Russian general at a dinner; the Russian insults Patton right back, much to Patton's amusement.

Patton then makes an offhand remark comparing the Nazi Party to American political parties. Ultimately, Patton's outspokenness loses him his command once again, though he is kept on to see to the rebuilding of Germany, where a runaway oxcart narrowly misses him.

Finally, Patton is seen walking Willie, his bull terrier , across the German countryside. Patton's voice is heard relating that a returning hero of ancient Rome was honored with a triumph , a victory parade in which "a slave stood behind the conqueror, holding a golden crown, and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory Attempts to make a film about the life of Patton had been ongoing for over fifteen years, commencing in The filmmakers desired access to Patton's diaries, as well as input from family members.

However, the producers contacted the family the day after Beatrice Ayer Patton, the general's widow, was buried, and the family refused to provide any assistance to the film's producers.

Bradley served as a consultant for the film though the extent of his influence and input into the final script is largely unknown.

While Bradley knew Patton personally, it was also well known that the two men were polar opposites in personality, and there is evidence to conclude that Bradley despised Patton, both personally and professionally.

Marshall , who knew both Patton and Bradley, stated, "The Bradley name gets heavy billing on a picture of [a] comrade that, while not caricature, is the likeness of a victorious, glory-seeking buffoon Patton in the flesh was an enigma.

He so stays in the film Napoleon once said that the art of the general is not strategy but knowing how to mold human nature Maybe that is all producer Frank McCarthy and Gen.

Bradley, his chief advisor, are trying to say. The film opens with Scott's rendering of Patton's speech to the Third Army , set against a huge American flag.

Also, Scott's gravelly and scratchy voice is the opposite of Patton's high-pitched, nasal and somewhat squeaky voice, a point noted by historian S.

Patton was not habitually foul-mouthed. He used dirty words when he thought they were needed to impress.

When Scott learned that the speech would open the film, he refused to do it, as he believed that it would overshadow the rest of his performance.

Director Schaffner assured him that it would be shown at the end. The scene was shot in one afternoon at Sevilla Studios in Madrid, with the flag having been painted on the back of the stage wall.

All the medals and decorations shown on Patton's uniform in the monologue are replicas of those actually awarded to Patton. However, the general never wore all of them in public and was in any case not a four-star general at the time he made the famous speeches on which the opening is based.

He wore them all on only one occasion, in his backyard in Virginia at the request of his wife, who wanted a picture of him with all his medals.

The producers used a copy of this photo to help recreate this "look" for the opening scene. The film was shot at seventy-one locations in six countries, mostly in Spain.

One scene, which depicts Patton driving up to an ancient city that is implied to be Carthage , was shot in the ancient Roman city of Volubilis , Morocco.

One paratrooper was electrocuted in power lines, but none of this battle footage appears in the film.

The scene at the dedication of the welcome centre in Knutsford , Cheshire , England, was filmed at the actual site.

The scenes set in Africa and Sicily were shot in the south of Spain Almeria , while the winter scenes in Belgium were shot near Segovia to which the production crew rushed when they were informed that snow had fallen.

A sizeable amount of battle scene footage was left out of the final cut of Patton , but a use was soon found for it. Outtakes from Patton were used to provide battle scenes in the made-for-TV film Fireball Forward , which was first broadcast in One of the cast members of Patton , Morgan Paull, appeared in this production.

The critically acclaimed score for Patton was composed and conducted by the prolific composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Goldsmith used a number of innovative methods to tie the music to the film, such as having an echoplex loop recorded sounds of "call to war" triplets played on the trumpet to musically represent General Patton's belief in reincarnation.

The main theme also consisted of a symphonic march accompanied by a pipe organ to represent the militaristic yet deeply religious nature of the protagonist.

Patton was first telecast by ABC-TV as a three hours-plus color film special in the fall of , only two years after its theatrical release.

That was highly unusual at the time, especially for a roadshow theatrical release , which had played in theatres for many months.

Most theatrical films at that time had to wait at least five years for their first telecast. Another unusual element of the telecast was that almost none of Patton's profanity-laced dialogue was cut only two sentences, one of which contained no profanity, were cut from the famous opening speech in front of the giant US flag.

The film would be released on Laserdisc in , also by Magnetic Video. A widescreen version was released in , which includes four newsreels about the real Patton.

A THX-certified Laserdisc would be released on July 9, , trading the newsreels for many new features. Patton was first released on DVD in , featuring a partial audio commentary by a Patton historian, and again in , with a commentary by screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola and extra bonus features.

The film made its Region A locked Blu-ray debut in to much criticism, for its excessive use of digital noise reduction on the picture quality.

In , a remaster was released with much improved picture quality. Roger Ebert said of George C. Scott, "It is one of those sublime performances in which the personalities of the actor and the character are fulfilled in one another.

Scott "has created an acting tour de force," but found it "repetitive — the second half doesn't tell us anything more than the first.

Although the cast is large, the only performance of note is that of Scott, who is continuously entertaining and, occasionally, very appealing.

As Patton, George Scott gives one of the great and unforgettable screen characterizations. The camera focus is sharp, but the dramatic focus is blurred.

We never quite understand Patton in historical context, in relation to the other generals of the period, and to the entire Allied war effort.

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Patton (1/5) Movie CLIP - Americans Love a Winner (1970) HD Yes No Report. A naive hustler travels from Texas to Source York City to seek personal fortune, finding a new friend in the process. Full Cast and Continue reading. He was the first actor to do so. He performs brilliantly by rapidly advancing through France, but his tanks are brought to a standstill when they run out of fuel as, much to his fury, the supplies were allocated please click for source Montgomery's bold Operation Market Garden. Der schmale Grat. Filmspiegel-Newsletter Abonnieren. Freeman an vorderster Front Learn more here Freeman plant einen Kriegsfilm über das erste rein afroamerikanische Panzerbataillon: die "Black Panther". Jack Gwillim. Patton — Rebell in Uniform. Alle anzeigen. Bradley um eine erneute Beteiligung am Krieg, der so viel bedeutet. Wissenswertes. Aktuelle News zu danny porush Filmen. Doch trotzdem bleiben seine moralischen und humanen Vorstellungen bei vielen seiner Mitstreiter höchst umstritten Home Filme Patton - Here in Uniform. Luna im Astra Theater. Schindlers Liste. patton film

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Zum aktuellen Filmprogramm. Filmstudio Glückauf. In Nordafrika kämpft Patton im Tunesienfeldzug gegen den deutschen Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel , den er selbst für dessen taktische und strategische Meisterleistungen während des Krieges sehr bewundert.

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