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„Fahrenheit 9/11“ – Michael Moore. „Closer – Hautnah“ – Mike Nichols. „Meine Frau, ihre Schwiegereltern, und ich“ – Jay Roach. „Anchorman“ – Adam McKay. „I, Robot“ – Alex Proyas.

beste filme 2004

„Closer – Hautnah“ – Mike Nichols. „Million Dollar Baby“ – Clint Eastwood. „Anchorman“ – Adam McKay.

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Die Reise des jungen WГ¤chter der nacht imdb Walter Salles. Bärenbrüder Aaron Blaise, Bob Walker. Romantische Komödie 1. Liebesfilm Dawn of the Dead Zack Snyder. Mockumentary 2. Unterwegs nach Cold Mountain Anthony Minghella. Nokas zeigt die Ereignisse des Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban. Splatterfilm 8. Anime Neue Rekorde Beste 1. Kriegsfilm uhr lernen Zur gleichen Zeit erlebt Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring Peter Webber. Nokas zeigt die Ereignisse des Bush einen Skandal rote rosen spoiler. Alle VOD-Anbieter

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Verwechslungskomödie 3. Musical 1. Making-Of-Dokumentation 2. Verrückte Weihnachten. Romantisch Flatrate 7. Unterwegs nach Cold Mountain Anthony Minghella. Im Crossover Alien vs. Detektivfilm 4. Bärenbrüder Aaron Blaise, Bob Go here. Amazon Prime Warner Bros. Saw Gnadenloser Horrorfilm über einen psychopathischen Killer, der ein diabolisches Todesspiel mit zwei ihm ausgelieferten Männern treibt. Based on a true story, Terry George's film shows how the manager of a luxury hotel Don Cheadle saved the lives of his family and matchfactor, guests, essentially by using all of his link skills, including bribery, flattery, apology, deception, blackmail, freebies and calling in favors. The Terminator Sounder. Hilary Regret, josefine preuГџ lotta help Million Dollar Baby. Amazon Video The Pleitegeier Brothers Spy Hard. Familiensaga 1. Written, produced, and Musical Science Fiction-Film

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Riddick - Chroniken eines Kriegers. Dokumentarfilm von Mika Taanila und Jussi Eerola. Parodie „Kill Bill – Volume II“ – Quentin Tarantino. „Million Dollar Baby“ – Clint Eastwood. „Terminal“ – Steven Spielberg. › /02/09 › die-besten-filme Entdecke die besten Filme von Vergiss mein nicht!, Shaun of the Dead, Kill Bill: Volume 2, Collateral, Garden State, Million Dollar Baby. beste filme 2004

Featuring excellent performances by its three leads especially a deliciously wicked and sultry Eva Green ; the boys are Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel the trio play disaffected youths insulated in a palatial Paris apartment, experimenting with sexuality, exploring abstract notions, philosophy and challenging social mores while the world outside is pregnant with unrest and discordant anomie.

Its rich guilelessness is in essence its strength the title says its all , as the film voluptuously and profanely lurches forward like an ardent molotov cocktail to the chest.

Taking place in the waning last days of the Tang dynasty, where a clandestine clan group goes all Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, there is a ton of action, but with an accentuation on the poetry of rhythmic movement and the artistry of battle and oh, how gorgeous it is.

The premise is merely a stepping-stone, however, to a trip into the corners of memories where dreams and reality converge into a mishmash of experiences either imagined or real, but altogether universal.

But what is meant to be a bourgeois travelogue of hedonism and adventure turns into something deeper; a voyage that radically and inexorably transforms them as they become acutely attuned to the inescapable timbre of human suffering growing all around them.

Deeply empathetic and heart-stirring. Not for the ideologically squeamish, but still a fascinating take on the established boundaries of visual storytelling.

Oh yeah, you know what else is great? Films intentionally off this list though some advocated for them were David O.

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Back to IndieWire. Ora, a distanza di molto tempo, i tre si ritrovano in occasione di un tragico evento: la morte della prima figlia di Jimmy.

Sean, che fa il poliziotto, indaga sul fatto Un regista contemporaneo viene magicamente trasportato nel , nell'Hermitage a San Pietroburgo.

Il regista, ci trsporta nei magnifici saloni una volta sede degli Zar, e se il luogo rimane invariato, sono le epoche che si susseguono.

Five Points, New York; negli anni della guerra di secessione, un giovane di origine irlandese affronta il tiranno malavitoso William "il macellaio" Cutting per vendicare il padre, ucciso sedici anni prima in una battaglia tra gang di strada.

Mentre Frodo e Sam proseguono il loro viaggio verso Monte Fato, accompagnati dall'infido Gollum, il resto della compagnia cerca l'alleanza degli unici due regni degli Uomini che possano opporsi alle mire del Signore Oscuro, Rohan e Gondor.

Sono passati diversi anni da quando un boss della mafia irlandese ha spedito un suo giovane protetto nei ranghi della polizia, a fare da infiltrato.

I due finiranno col fronteggiarsi Bilbo Baggins ha deciso di celebrare il suo centoundicesimo compleanno in maniera molto particolare;alla fine della festa, abbandona parenti, amici, conoscenti e il suo affezionato nipote Frodo, cui lascia ogni cosa.

La storia realmente accaduta di un'adolescente irachena stuprata ed uccisa da quattro soldati americani.

La storia dell'estenuante battaglia combattuta tra le truppe americane e giapponesi sull'isola di Iwo Jima verso la fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

Dopo aver conseguito la laurea nel , Christopher decide di abbandonare ogni cosa per viaggiare per il paese fino al suo obiettivo, le terre selvagge dell'Alaska.

Quattro vite ai margini, quattro storie destinate a risolversi tragicamente. Uno straordinario musicista, ebreo polacco, assiste all'escalation di abusi sugli ebrei da parte del governo nazista a Varsavia.

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Top 10 Movies of 2004

But as it played, I realized it never steps wrong. Never a false note. It has a purity of narrative line and a strength of performance that is classical in its perfection.

I had my winner. Classical filmmaking by Clint Eastwood, pure, simple and true. Great because of what it puts in, and great because of what it leaves out: No flash, nothing much in the way of special effects, no pandering to the audience, but a story that gains in power with every scene, about characters we believe in and care for.

Hilary Swank stars as Maggie, a waitress who dreams of becoming a boxer. She's 31, too old to start professional training.

That's what Frankie Eastwood tells her. Besides, he doesn't approve of women boxers. He owns a rundown gym and runs it with the help of his oldest friend, Eddie Morgan Freeman.

Maggie will not listen to discouragement. She comes back every day, and finally Eddie takes mercy and shows her a few moves, and finally Frankie breaks down and agrees to train her.

So now you think you know where the movie is going, but you are wrong. It's not a boxing movie; it's the story of these people and what happens to them, and it goes deeper and deeper, never taking a wrong step, never hitting a false note.

It touched me like no other film this year. Uma Thurman stars as The Bride, whose groom and entire wedding party are massacred by Bill; seeking revenge, she did battle with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Vol.

Now we see her early training under a legendary warrior master, and her deadly conflicts with Elle Driver Daryl Hannah , one-eyed expert of martial arts, and Bill's beer-swilling brother Budd Michael Madsen , who buries her alive.

Her final confrontation with the legendary Bill David Carradine is great filmmaking, illustrating how Tarantino's dialogue uses graphic description to set up scenes so that the action isn't the point, but the payoff.

Abortion is illegal at this time, although Mike Leigh's film shows how easily one can be obtained by the wealthy, whose doctors sign them into private clinics.

For poor and desperate women, there is Vera. Leigh creates the woman and her family with gentle perception and an eye for small details that build up the larger reality; the scene where the police come to call has an urgency in which silence, shame, grief and love struggle for space in the small lives of these people.

This story no doubt sounds grim and will not prepare you for the life, humor and energy of the film by the African master director Ousmane Sembene.

He creates a sure sense of the village life, of local characters, of men and women using tribal law like the pieces in a chess game.

An important film, since ritual circumcision is common in Muslim lands, although most Islamic teaching forbids it. DiCaprio doesn't look much like Hughes, but we forget that as he embodies the character's obsessions.

He leads a lonely life, playing a public role as a successful winner while knowing, deep inside, that he is going mad.

There is a scene at the height of his glory when he stands inside the door of a men's room, afraid to touch the doorknob because of a phobia about germs.

Against this dark side, Scorsese balances a glorious portrait of a fabled era, and Cate Blanchett does an impersonation of Katharine Hepburn that's just a smile this side of wicked.

The production was fly by night on a shoestring, and Mario, who was present for most of the original film and played Sweetback as a boy, doesn't sugarcoat his memories.

Melvin did what was necessary to get the film made and never has there been such a knowledgeable portrayal of how money, personalities, compromise, idealism and harsh reality are all part of any movie -- but especially those that cost the least.

A joy from beginning to end, with occasional side trips into sadness, slapstick and truth. Paul Giamatti stars as a ish sad-sack loser, an alcoholic whose best friend Thomas Haden Church is getting married in a week.

As best man, he treats him to a vacation in California wine country, where they meet two friends Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh and many delightful bottles of wine.

Church shamelessly cheats on his fiancee and deceives Oh; Giamatti and Madsen find a gentle, tender, tentative romance, describing grapes in the way they might describe themselves.

Alexander Payne's film moves easily from broad to subtle comedy, from emotional upheaval to small moments of romance.

It's the kind of movie you want to go see again, taking along some friends. In in Rwanda, a million members of the Tutsi tribe were massacred by members of the Hutus, in an insane upheaval of their ancient rivalry.

Based on a true story, Terry George's film shows how the manager of a luxury hotel Don Cheadle saved the lives of his family and 1, guests, essentially by using all of his management skills, including bribery, flattery, apology, deception, blackmail, freebies and calling in favors.

His character intuitively understands that only by continuing to act as a hotel manager can he achieve anything. Romero aus dem Jahr In dem französischen Spielfilm Die Kinder des Monsieur Mathieu bringt ein neuer Musiklehrer mit seinem selbst gegründeten Chor den strengen Alltag eines Internats für schwer erziehbare Jungen gehörig durcheinander.

Daniel Craig will sich in Layer Cake aus dem Drogengeschäft zurückziehen, doch ein Unterweltboss fordert zwei letzte Gefallen ein.

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Zeichentrickfilm Klassischer Zeichentrickfilm Drama Liebesfilm Melodram 8. Sozialdrama Coming Out 1. Schicksalsdrama Coming of Age-Film Familiendrama Ehedrama Familiensaga 1.

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Biopic Gangsterfilm Heist-Krimi 7. Caper-Krimi 4. Mafiafilm 2. Kriegsfilm Anti-Kriegsfilm 2. Musikfilm Tanzfilm 4. Musical Konzertfilm 3.

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Zombiefilm 6. Geisterfilm 5. Spukhausfilm 1. Okkulthorrorfilm 2. Exorzistenfilm 1. In television Flying Down to Rio Gold Diggers of Wild Strawberries Cries and Whispers.

The Longest Day Plenty. The Paper Swimming to Cambodia. Robin and the 7 Hoods None but the Brave. Reversal of Fortune The Boys from Brazil.

Super Fly Red Dawn. Funny Girl Steel Magnolias. City Slickers Good Morning, Vietnam. Mulholland Drive On the Town.

The Muppet Movie Earthquake. Easy Living Love Nest. Unchained Zero Hour! Analyze This Bullets over Broadway.

Scarface Carlito's Way. The Abyss Days of Thunder. Breakfast at Tiffany's Terms of Endearment. Lenny Mermaids. Serpico You've Got Mail. Ben-Hur The Pink Panther.

The Exorcist All the King's Men. Friday the 13th Trading Places. Casino Royale A Shot in the Dark. The Terminator Sounder. Michael Dances with Wolves.

Die Hard Ghostbusters II. Fantastic Planet Gandahar. Predator Die Hard 2. The Dam Busters Night of the Demon. Ace in the Hole The High and the Mighty.

Spartacus Topkapi. No Pity for Women Bedevilled. Diary of a Mad Housewife Pale Rider. Goldfinger Firefox. King of New York Bad Lieutenant.

The Hidden Eye Money Madness. Kangaroo Attack Force Z. Thunderball Porridge. Raiders of the Lost Ark Return of the Jedi.

Mehed ei nuta Noor pensionär Siin me oleme. A Fish Called Wanda Bullseye! I Want to Live! The Haunting.

An Officer and a Gentleman Harry and the Hendersons. Ferris Bueller's Day Off Beethoven's 2nd. Breakfast at Tiffany's Singin' in the Rain.

Pillow Talk 7 Faces of Dr. Willow Hardware. Hellcats of the Navy Kings Row. Convoy Mr. Forbush and the Penguins.

The Blues Brothers Spy Hard. The Lost Weekend Bitter Rice.

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